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Welcome to Rotimart, walk in to our door and star enjoy our Fresh Bread. We produce Fresh Bread every morning in our kitchen with the best ingredients and no preservatives added.

Rotimart offers an amazing selection of Fresh Bread, Soft Donuts, Cake n Roll, and also traditional snacks all created using Rotimart's recipe. With the highest quality ingredients, we like to crate unique flavors that are light and delicate. Thx for visiting our website and come visit our shop today!
Our Favourites
Butter Sugar
Rp 3.000,-
Bluberry Bun
Rp 4.500,-
Creamy Vanilla
Rp 3.500,-
Yummy Floss
Rp 5.500,-
Strawberry Raisin
Rp 3.500,-
Tawar Strawberry
Rp 12.000,-
Tawar Coklat
Rp 12.000,-
Garlic Bun
Rp 3.000,-
Beef Bun
Rp 5.500,-
Tawar Susu
Rp 12.000,-
Chicken Pizza
Rp 5.500,-
Rainbow Cake
Rp 5.000,-
Strawberry Bun
Rp 4.500,-
Green Bean
Rp 3.500,-
Sweet Blueberry
Rp 2.500,-
Rotimart Bakery @2021